Chucky T Says WWE Isn't Cool to Him

Posted By James Walsh on 10/11/18

Chuck Taylor spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview, discussing WWE and why it doesnít appear to him. Highlights are below:

On not being interested in WWE: ďI like punk rock music and to me WWE is Nickelback. I know theyíve got loads of fans but thatís not cool to me. I want to go to a small venue in south Philadelphia and I want to watch a punk band play in front of 400 people that want to be there, that love it, that love every song. Thatís cool to me. I donít like mass-marketed stuff. Before, if you werenít in WWE, there were like seven guys in wrestling that were making a living and not needing an extra job. Now thereís so many guys that can do it. I donít necessarily need to be rich, just let me pay my bills.Ē

On WWEís current product: ďI think itís like anything else in wrestling: when itís bad, itís really bad. Some of their stuff is borderline unwatchable and thatís coming from a lifelong wrestling fan. But when they do something right with their production and everything else, itís fantastic. Thatís not me kissing their butts trying to get a job because theyíd never sign me in a million years. If Iím at home Iíll watch [WWE], have a few beers and watch their pay-per-views. Hell, half the roster are my friends which is cool. But when you grow up you realize theyíre not making their product for a 32-year-old white guy from Kentucky. Theyíre making the product for the people that spend their money on it. From what Iíve seen from what they put out, business seems to be good. So, Iím not going to complain about [their product]. Itís not made for me, why would I complain about it? Itís not made for me.Ē