Shane Cooper: "This Is Bigger than A Work or An Angle"

Posted By James Walsh on 10/26/18

Shane Cooper who was once known as CreedFan on our forums, posted an editorial online and asked if we would share it. We think it sends a very profound message. So, here it is! Thank you to Shane for writing this.


"This Is Bigger Than a Work or an Angle"
by Shane Cooper

Sometimes, in the world of being a fan of professional wrestling, the line between real life and a "work" or "entertainment" blend so closely together, that it's difficult to tell the difference.

In the age of the internet fans. We have been able to learn things about the business that in generations before us, were strictly protected by everyone involved in the business. That is and has always been a double edged sword. It has allowed us as fans to learn about something we love. Anything a person loves, they want to learn more about it. On the other hand, it has also led to people thinking and speaking as though they understand the wrestling world far more than they actually do. I've been guilty of this myself in the past, and honestly, if you've read this far, you've probably been equally guilty at some point in time.

And so enters Roman Reigns. Roman was the top guy in the company, albeit booed by the masses of 'internet fans' who knew what was best, because well, they have the internet. Roman entered the ring, as he often does to kick off the show at Monday Night Raw, except this time, what he said was far bigger than wrestling. He had the courage to come before countless people and announce the 3 most difficult words a person could possibly say "I have cancer."

This is not a new angle of entertainment. This is not a tactic to gain ratings. This is a man who showed an amazing amount of courage, asking for prayers and support as he faces a devastating battle ahead of him. As a wrestling fan myself, I urge you, realize that this is bigger than wrestling. This is bigger than a "work" or an "angle". And if you so would, pray for this man.