Why Did The WWE Evolution Production Feel Different?

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 10/31/18

According to Pwinsider.com, there are reasons that the production of the WWE Evolution PPV felt different from most WWE PPVs. The production set up was different because the usual stages, lighting rig, etc. that WWE uses had to be in Charlotte, NC for Monday Night Raw. WWE added Evolution late in the year and couldn’t find a way to get the staging from New York to North Carolina in time for Raw.

The NXT production crew, who also run the Takeover specials, was in charge of the show. The production crews who run Raw and Smackdown PPVs were not at the Nassau Coliseum and were already in North Carolina for Raw when Evolution went on the air. Kevin Dunn was not in attendance at Evolution and did not direct the PPV. Vince McMahon was in the gorilla position with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for the majority of the PPV.