Ronda Rousey Praises Charlotte vs. Becky From WWE Evolution

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/01/18

Ronda Rousey posted a new Q&A video, where she spoke about her favorite match at WWE Evolution and the inspiration behind her makeup…

On Her Favorite Match at Evolutoin: “I would say definitely my favorite match that night was Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, the first ever Last Woman Standing match. It was the ‘first ever’ on the ‘first-evers’. The first ever Last Woman Standing match on the first-ever all women’s PPV. It was just amazing. It was amazing to see those two women go out there and pour out their heart and soul in front of every and show everybody that they can do so much more with a closed fist and some tables and chairs and everything that they had, than they ever do when given pillows and lingerie. And they’ve done something, they’ve broken the seal that can’t ever be closed again. We didn’t just walk through the door, but Becky and Charlotte slammed the door behind us and made sure that we’ll never have to go walk backwards through that last door and we can start focusing on the next one. Or maybe the ceiling. I don’t know, we’re taking the whole house down. Bit by bit.”

On Her Makeup at Evolution: “Everyone tries to relate my fight make-up with something. I think it’s really cool because like if you’re going out to fight, it’s one of those times where the object is not to be pretty, you know? ‘It ain’t pretty time – it’s fight time.’ And it’s kind of cool to think about how I want to express myself in this confrontation or whatever.”
“The whole make-up idea was actually inspired by the color scheme of Evolution which was like ‘blue-to-white’ kind of a spectrum.”