Trish Stratus Comments On Still Working a Match With Alexa Bliss

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/01/18

Trish Stratus recently spoke with Newsweek, and commented on the match change at WWE Evolution and the hope of still facing Alexa Bliss…

“Me and Lita have been on the same side, opposite side for almost 20 years. We got it. We know each other, we bring out the best out of each other and I feel it’ll be extremely stratus-fying. I remember when she came onto the scene and my timeline was ‘shades of Trish’ and I was like who is this girl? She has openly said that she was always a fan of mine, molded herself after me. I was very excited for the generational face off knowing that she would say ‘hello I’m your replacement.’ [Alexa] is very strong in the ring, with her promos kind of what my thing was. It would have been very special. Who knows there’s still time, but working together these past few weeks has been a real pleasure to work with another athlete. She’s a great gal and she does amazing things in the ring.”