Alexa Bliss Explains Her Marvel Inspirations

Posted By James Walsh on 11/02/18

Alexa Bliss spoke with SyFy for a new interview discussing her love of pop culture and more. Highlights are below:

On her love of cosplaying: ďI started cosplaying back when I was with Blake & Murphy; we decided that we were going to do an Iron Man gear, and that was the first one. It was so much fun to bring a little bit of our personal interests into the ring ó especially because sometimes, when youíre so set in the storyline, in the character, you kind of lose who you are outside of that. So I love to take a lot of different inspiration for my gear, and Iím a big horror movie fan so Iíve done Freddy [Krueger], which was probably my favorite; and Chucky, which took me about a year to be able to actually do it. Because first it got turned down, and so then I kind of had to sneak it in on Halloween last year. I did one outfit that was Harry Potter colors, but I just wore it for one of the pay-per-views. Yeah, Iíve done a lot of cosplay stuff, and itís a lot of fun.Ē

On which fictional characters inspired her as a kid: ďMulan was the first female character that I realized was empowering as a woman. Itís obviously a fake story, but she went to battle for her father. She didnít want her father to be drafted in the war, so she went herself. That was the first time I really saw a really strong female character growing up. ĎCause I did grow up watching mostly Disney.Ē

On her favorite genre franchise: ďIím a really big Marvel person. I like Marvel. I am a big fan of the Avengers and Iron Man. I recently just bought a baby Groot, and Iím very happy about that. Iím obsessed with baby Groot. He just is my world. And I love horror movies. I love, love, love, love horror movies. Iím actually going to get ready to go to the new Halloween tonight, and Iím very excited about that. but I love anything that thereís a good villain and thatís just what I find appreciation with. I mean besides Disney, obviously. Everyone knows Iím a big Disney fan. You donít even wanna open up that can of worms.Ē

On her favorite Disney villain: ďMaleficent. I loved the movie. I thought it was great. I loved it. I thought the graphics were amazing. And itís so cool when Disney remakes these and you see the villainís point of view as well. Itís just so cool, and it always adds such a great aspect to everything. And the Alice in Wonderland movie that came out was awesome. They have The Nutcracker thatís getting ready to come out. Iím really excited to see that.Ē