Scott Hall Defends WWE's Decision to Hold Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/03/18

Hannibal TV recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall this week, and he addressed WWE opting to go ahead with Crown Jewel and keeping the event in Saudi Arabia. Below are some highlights and a video of the interview:

Scott Hall on WWE going to Saudi Arabia: “Well, Kevin [Nash] and I just did an nWo Reunion last weekend at Hulk’s Beach Shop in Orlando with WWE’s blessing. It’s the first time Hulk’s been welcomed back into the fold, and I’m happy he’s back. There’s a lot of backlash (regarding WWE Crown Jewel) but I saw JBL on a show last weekend talking about… by boycotting stuff, that doesn’t solve anything. He used Cuba as a reference. We boycotted Cuba forever, and what did that get us? Nothing. Nothing changed there. The people, their quality of life never improved. So I agree with that.”

Hall on staying away is not the answer: “Staying away is not the answer. Plus we’re not a bunch of politicians. We’re entertainers, we’re ‘rasslers’, we’re not involved in all that global stuff. That’s the way I look at it. I’ll be happy to go, Vince. If you want to bring the nWo over there the next time, let me know.”