Was Shane McMahon's Win at Crown Jewel The Start of A Heel Turn?

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/03/18

As previously reported, Shane McMahon managed to win the WWE World Cup tournament at yesterday’s Crown Jewel. With the win, McMahon was named the “Best in the World.” McMahon was not an entrant in the tournament, but he replaced The Miz after the A-Lister suffered an injury. After that, he defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall to win the tournament. According to the latest rumor roundup from Cagesideseats.com, there is speculation that McMahon winning the WWE World Cup is going to be the catalyst of another Smackdown vs. Raw feud and match going into Survivor Series this year.

Additionally, Dave Meltzer spoke about the match on the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio, and he stated that the idea behind the win is that it’s the start of a heel turn for Shane McMahon. He stated the following (via RingsideNews):

“So the idea is that Shane is going heel and this was — Miz wasn’t hurt. This was all booked to be what it is: the beginning of a Shane McMahon heel turn. You know as far as why you want another hell McMahon authority figure on a show? I guess it’s a response to the declining ratings of SmackDown.”