Mae Young Classic Competitor Vanessa Kraven Recovering From Leg Surgery

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/03/18

As previously reported, Mae Young Classic 2018 competitor Vanessa Kraven announced that she suffered a leg injury and had to cancel her scheduled bookings for the rest of the year. She later revealed last Tuesday (October 30) that she had to undergo surgery surgery on her lower leg/ankle. She wrote the following on her Facebook page:

So, friends and fans, unfortunately my lower leg/ankle requires fixation surgery. My fibula will be getting a plate and screws and a piece of my ankle will be reattached with pins. Surgery will be on Friday. I was planning on coming to Renfrew for the show on Saturday if I was only in a cast, but surgery requires me to at least take a few days to get through the initial unpleasantness. Ill have to wear a boot after the operation for anywhere up to 2 months. Could be off sooner if things go well!

I will still be in attendance at both C4 and the joint Smash/FLQ shows on Nov. 16th and 17th. Come say hi and buy some new 8x10s or a t-shirt to support me during my downtime. Every little bit is appreciated. As for a projected ring return date, I dont have one just yet. I want to focus on regaining strength, mobility, range of motion and do a good amount of physio before anything else.

Vanessa Kraven later revealed that she underwent her surgery yesterday (Nov. 2), and shes recovering well. You can check out the message she posted on Facebook below.