Nathan Jones Explains His Short Run with WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 11/04/18

Nathan Jones spoke with Hannibal TV for a new interview about his short-lived WWE run. Video and highlights are below:

On why his run with the company didn’t last: “It was a little bit of a rockstar’s lifestyle. And I’m a home body by nature. So it just didn’t suit me at the time. That’s the way it happens.”

On his favorite moments in the company: “I remember enjoying Survivor Series, it was a lot of fun. WrestleMania, remember that one? The big spinning heel-kick to the head of Big Show. I thought I’d add that in because people think I can play the giant all the time, and I thought it’d be nice to see someone jump around, and some of us big guys can go, ‘No, we can do… fly around as well’.”