Eric Bischoff Discusses The Giant's Run in WCW

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/04/18

On episode 25 of 83 Weeks last month, Eric Bischoff spoke about Paul Wight (aka the Big Show; formerly known as The Giant) in WCW. Below are some highlights and audio from the podcast.

Bischoff on how there was never a plan to bill Paul Wight as Andre the Giant Jr.: “There was a lot of goofy ideas bouncing around at the time but at no time was there any consideration billing him as Andre the Giant Jr. I don’t think Hulk Hogan would have wanted it. You know, Hulk Hogan has a lot of respect, still till this day. When you talk to him about Andre the Giant and within three to four minutes he will start tearing up.”

Bischoff on drawing the connection between The Giant and Andre: “I don’t think he would have gone quite that far in trying to name him Andre the Giant Jr, but we definitely wanted to draw the connection with him and Andre the Giant. That is a fact.”