Sean Waltman Doesn't See Himself as Underrated, Gives Addiction Advice

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/05/18

Sean Waltman spoke with The Hannibal TV for a new interview discussing his reputation as an in-ring talent, his advice regarding addiction and more. You can see highlights below from the interview, per WZ:

On his shoot fight with Duke “The Dumpster” Droese: “The way he told it was pretty much exactlly how it went. I just didn’t realized that when he caught me with the big boot that it was a receipt for anything. I thought he just caught me with one…I was on pills and sh*t like that, you know? I was stiffing Duke, Mike, I potatoe’d one of the Bushwhackers. I didn’t realized I was doing it. But yeah, that was the receipt and a well deserved on [laughs].”

On being seen as underrated: “I don’t know if I can call myself undderated. Maybe some people may overrate me, hwo knows? It’s funny how we rate ourselves… I felt like I always knew my role. If we could compare The Wolfpac to The [Fabulous] Freebirds, I would be Buddy Roberts. And I wasn’t the greatest promo guy…I don’t know, I think I’m rated pretty fair.”

On his advice for wrestlers and people fighting addiction: “Just don’t give up, stay the course, and try different things. We keep trying the same things when it comes to mental illness and not they don’t work for some people, but it is so complicated. This might work for one person, this might work for another. The 12 Steps is a good blueprint but it doesn’t work for everyone, so we got to have other things…Because you can want to want it but deep down, do not want it and it’s so frustrating. Because you think, ‘what’s wrong with me’, and you start to think you’re not a good person.”