Beretta Says He's Better Prepared Than Cody For Their IWGP US Title Match

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/05/18

Following last week’s Road to Power Struggle event a fired up Beretta cut a promo on Cody Rhodes ahead of Sunday’s IWGP US Title match in Toronto…

“Cody… Toronto”, Beretta reminded Rhodes. “Cody, you’ve been on a boat having a vacation and making stupid little spooky movies with your friends. I’ve been here for almost two months straight, wrestling every night. You’re making spooky movies, and I’m wrestling every night. So I’d argue that I’m more prepared than you are. And also that you decided to have this match via Twitter poll makes me think you’re taking me lightly. That’s fine. People have been doing that for a while. Toronto, I’ll prove something I’ve known since the first time I saw you team with Bob Holly in 2007 or something. I’m better than you. I just beat Fale too and he’s eight feet tall, I just pinned him. See you in Toronto.”