Nia Jax Comments on Roman Reigns, The Rock & More!

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/07/18

Nia Jax spoke with Sport Bible for a new interview talking about Roman Reigns’s battle with leukemia and the effect it has had on the WWE locker room. Highlights are below:

On Reigns and the reaction backstage to his leukemia battle: “He’s such a quiet, humble person. Roman Reigns is this larger than life, Superman character but the true Joe, Joe Anoa’i is a very shy humble guy and he’s super giving and loving. That’s why when the news came out everybody was hit hard. I feel like that day there was just a hole in the entire locker room. He gives advice to everybody and he’s always there for everybody. And he carried the company on his shoulders for the last few years. There’s nothing he would say no to and he works his butt off. We thank him so much for all the contributions he’s given. I think we’re all still getting used to it. I think everybody’s trying to find their footing now we’ve lost our Superman.”

On the women’s division sending a video in support to Reigns: “It was so important. Prior to that, I had all the girls, present, past and future, do that tribute to him privately. I sent him a text and it was a video of him, my cousin Tamina and my aunt (Ata Johnson, The Rock’s mother). Then we had all the girls do the ‘OOH AHH!’ [Reigns’ battle cry] and he really loved it. It was really important.”

On The Rock: “Dwayne is such a goofball but he’s very hard-working and always giving me advice – making sure I’m staying on top of my game. He’s amazing and he was super excited about the pay-per-view, the Evolution pay-per-view. He watched some of it when he had the chance to in between sets and so it was a pretty cool thing that he’s super proud of all this. His heart is always with the WWE, it’s so crazy because you wouldn’t think that with how busy he is, he wouldn’t keep up with storylines and characters and stuff but he does. If something peaks his interest, he would definitely step back into ‘The Rock’ role.”