Update on Jim Ross' Contract Status & Drama With WWE & AXS TV

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/08/18

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jim Ross will be off of the NJPW show on AXS TV from the end of December through March 31st. That means he wonít be calling the WrestleKingdom event for the network. While he hasnít been used a lot, Ross is under contract to WWE, as he was signed to keep him away from the ITV World of Sport project. Ross was already under contract to AXS until the end of 2017, and WWE allowed him to re-sign for 2018. Ross was offered the spot as an analyst for Quintet, Kazushi Sakurabaís submission tournament on UFC Fight Pass, and WWE would not allow him to do it. Following the ROH/NJPW sell out of Madison Square Garden, WWE did not allow Ross to sign with AXS TV for 2019. Rossí WWE deal ends on March 31st, and will be a free agent at that time.