Ronda Rousey on Topping The PWI 100 & Taking Advantage of The Opportunity WWE Gave Her

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 11/12/18

Ronda Rousey recently spoke with the PWI Podcast about topping the 2018 list, taking advantage of the opportunity WWE gave her, and much moreÖ

On Topping The PWI 100: ďThatís absolutely incredible. I donít really know how to react to that! I mean, I really appreciate it. I donít know how much I deserve it, but wow! Thank you!Ē Rousey added, ďit [has] been amazing. It [has] been a dream come true and Iím at a loss for words, but Iím not an articulate person.Ē

On Expecting WWE Fans to Reject Her: ďHonestly, coming into this, I expected all the fans and all the people in the locker room to hate my guts from day one. I really did! I was really blindsided by how accepting and amazing everybody has been, and how amazing the WWE Universe has been, and how amazing everybody in the locker room has been. I mean, like, Iím really not hear for a quick paycheck, or some extra fame, or anything like that. Honestly, I really love this business. I really want to contribute as much as I can and I donít want to take credit for the womenís evolution. I donít want to take away from what everyone has been doing. I just want to be a catalyst and I want to be able to speed up whatís going on here and bring more attention and more value to all the work that these women are doing. If I can do that in the least, then Iím happy.Ē Rousey continued, ďjust coming into this industry, Iíve been nothing but surprised nonstop by the absolute goodness in people, and how happy they are for me to be here, and for me to be a part of it. I was expecting resistance and resentment from day one and Iíve got nothing but acceptance and everybody willing to help me. There hasnít been one person who hasnít offered me a piece of advice, or knowledge, or something and Iím just so lucky that Iím surrounded by all of those teachers from day one.Ē

On taking Advantage of The Opportunity WWE Gave Her: ďIím very aware of how privileged Iíve been from lot of people who worked their entire lives just to get somebody to take one look at them. And from day one, I donít know anything and I have, like, Triple H telling me how to tie my shoe. Like, Triple H taught me how to tie my boots! Like, that is insane.Ē Rousey explained, ďI think it would be spitting in the face of every woman that would want this opportunity to not take full advantage of it.Ē

On Her Respect for the WWE Roster: ďBeing on the road and everything has given me a lot more respect for what everybody else does.Ē Rousey said, ďI mean, honestly, when I came into this, I thought everybody just wrestled once a week! I just thought they showed up at RAW or SmackDown [Live] and that was it. I didnít even know that there were live shows throughout the week! I mean, and these people just go nonstop. Like, I have nowhere near the schedule that everybody else has. Like, if Iím on a week of live shows, it takes me a week to recover from it. If anything, I have the super easy tourist version. Like, I have nothing to complain about! I do whatever I can to perform whenever they need me to perform, but I have a much easier schedule than everybody else.Ē