Silas Young Explains Decision to Stay with ROH over WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 12/03/18

Silas Young spoke with Busted Open Radio about his signing a new contract with Ring of Honor. Young explained why rumors he was headed to WWE didn’t pan out and more. Highlights are below per WZ:

On rumors that he was headed to WWE: “I have a few friends that work with WWE, and I had a friend who works there call and ask if I would be interested when my contract was up [to work there]. I think wrestling is absolutely one of those businesses where you have to have an open mind and consider all the options. At the time I definitely considered the option. All these rumors started to pop up about me signing with WWE, but at that point all I had was a few phone conversations and texts. Then a few weeks back I had heard from the guy that [manages contracts at Ring of Honor], and he was under the assumption that I had already signed with WWE. The internet and wrestling fans can really take a little bit of information and run wild with it.”

On why he didn’;t go to WWE: “WWE is arguably at the top of the game, where everyone wants to be, but there’s only so many spots there and they have so many guys under contract. Then with the fact that Ring of Honor has had my back for so long, I went with the sure thing.”