Nikki Bella's Recent Date Reportedly Lacked 'Spark'

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 12/04/18

TMZ reports that Nikki Bella recently went on a date with The Bachelorette‘s Peter Kraus but there won’t be a second date because she didn’t feel a “spark.” Kraus attempted to make it romantic, with a gondola ride and wine, but when he tried to kiss her at the end, she reportedly “freaked out” and pulled away while yelling “no” at him.

According to sources, she’s not feeling ready to date again after her relationship with John Cena. The only reason she went on this date was because her mom, a fan of The Bachelor, suggested she give him a chance. The date will be seen on the new season of Total Bellas next year. Nikki, meanwhile, is planning to focus on her career instead of her dating life for the time being.