Undertaker Says He Never Considered Leaving the Business When Working Full-Time

Posted By James Walsh on 01/04/19

WWE legend The Undertaker recently appeared in Onnit’s documentary series on wrestling, Onnit Stories Presents: True Wrestling, last month. The Undertaker spoke about his career to indie workers Ricky Starts and Aaron Solow. Below are some highlights and the full documentary video (transcript via WrestlingInc.com).

The Undertaker on in-ring psychology and telling a story in the ring: “Sometimes you have to set the angle within the match, but you gotta give a reason for one guy to be loved and one guy to be hated. At the end of the day, whatever you’re doing in the ring, you want it to look real, and genuine, and authentic. And I think that’s a huge problem, everybody acts the same way, everybody overplays to the audience, and it’s just like, ‘OK, what do you do next?’ Everybody’s calling, they want to backflip off this and into that. Once you do that a couple of times, it’s like, ‘OK, what do you got now?’ Well, now I gotta do two flips into that, then two and a half. When they get used to that, what do you do? Instead of learning the finer nuances of what we do, and that’s tell stories. Granted, physical, painful stories, but stories nonetheless.”

The Undertaker on the WWE pay-per-view that lost power during the show [In Your House 8: Beware of Dog]: “You never know what’s going to happen. Like when we lost power in the middle of a pay-per-view once, we lost our satellite. So sometimes you gotta bust a script, ad-lib and you know, figure out what the hell you’re going to do. That kind of stuff happens now, and something like that happens later on, it’s not going to rattle you, you’re like, ‘OK, this happened in Mexico years ago, I know what to do.'”

The Undertaker on if he ever thought about quitting the business: “You know, at the tail-end now, I really have to put everything into perspective, and what damage I’m doing at this point, to myself, and my life after wrestling. But when I was going full-time, no. Even when the business took a real nose-dive, you’re thinking, ‘OK, how are we gonna get out of this? What we gonna do? We can work harder.’ The one thing I was really good at, and in my mind anyway, if anybody else feels that way is another story, but in my mind, I felt like it was always where I belonged, and what I should be doing. Obviously there were times where money was… but instead of, ‘Man, I need to get me a job at the Jiffy Lube and figure out something else later on…’, It was, ‘What can we do to make this product where we want to see it?'”

The Undertaker on what Solow and Starks will learn from working the independents: “This is just a rung in the ladder man. You’re learning stuff that you don’t even know you’re learning now, and how you’ll draw from this later on. Something will happen, something down the line, you’re about to go out for a Royal Rumble or something like that, and you’re going to draw on something that’s happened in these indies, and you’ve got it. It happens all the time. Everything is happening for a reason, it’s preparing you for bigger things.”