WWE Raw House Show Results 1.04.19: Columbus, Georgia

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 01/05/19

WWE held a Raw live event last night in Columbus, Georgia. During the show, John Cena made an appearance defeated Baron Corbin. In the main event, Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins. Below are some results, including the John Cena appearance, courtesy of PWInsider.

The RAW brand of WWE kicked off their 2019 house show tour in Columbus, Ga., on January 4th, with a strong, 2 hour and 45 minute showing. The approximate crowd of 6,000 were treated to 10 action-packed matches.

The opening bout was a Triple Threat Match pitting Finn Balor against Dolph Ziggler against Drew McIntyre, with Balor taking the win with his Coup de Grace on Ziggler in 8:48. After the bell, McIntyre hit the Claymore on Balor and addresses the crowd, saying he should be fighting for the Universal Championship. This gave time for Balor and Ziggler to revive and hit the Coup de Grace and Zig-Zag, respectively, on McIntyre.

The next match was a 6 man tag match with Titus O’Neill, Heath Slater, and Rhyno facing off against Mojo Rawley, Curt Hawkins, and Viktor of The Ascension. Rhyno picked up the win for his team with a Gore on Rawley at the 5:33 mark, after Rawley’s partners left the ring in disgust of his treatment of them.

The crowd was then treated to a rendition of “Bobby Lashley Sucks” from Elias. Lashley interrupted Elias to begin the contest, eventually winning with a Spear at 7:52. As Lashley is getting his hand raised, Apollo Crews music is played and he is announced for the next match, irritating Lashley, starting a confrontation between the two. Crews gets the better of it, which allows Elias to drop his top rope elbow on Lashley.

Crew’s opponent is introduced as Jinder Mahal, accompanied by Samir Singh. Crews defeats Mahal with his signature backflip. Lashley hits the ring and spears Crews, leaving him lying in the ring.

Baron Corbin is then introduced for his match against Braun Strowman. Corbin informs the fans that Strowman is not there, and demands that the referee ring the bell and count Strohman out, which he does. Corbin is declared the winner. As Corbin is celebrating, another referee comes to the announcer and tells him that there is someone to take on Corbin. That someone is…

John Cena! When his music hits, the roof blows off of the Civic Center. Cena wins in a back-and-forth match at the 7:44 mark with his new finisher, The Lightning Fist, after Crews, Rhyno, and Slater come down the ramp and throw a fleeing Corbin back into the ring. This sends the crowd into the intermission on a happy note.

After the intermission, the next match was for the WWE Tag Team Championships pitting the champs, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable against The AOP, seconded by Drake Maverick. The Revival came to the ring first, demanding that they deserved the shot. Upon the champs retaining in 6:10, The Revival jumped Roode and Gable and proceeded to beat them down. The Lucha House Party hit the ring to make the save, setting up a match against The Revival, which the Luchas won in 8:05.

It’s time for the women to take center stage! Sasha Banks faces off against Mickie James. James calls out her friends, Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke. Not to be outdone, Banks calls out Bayley and Ember Moon. Banks proceeded to defeat James in 3:10 with the Bank Statement. This set up for a 6 women tag match, with Banks submitting James again with the Bank Statement.

The Main Event is an Intercontinental Title match between the champ, Dean Ambrose, taking on Seth Rollins. Ambrose takes the mic and says that if he cannot defeat Rollins in 5 minutes, he will submit the title to Rollins, who accepts the stipulation. After 5 minutes pass, Ambrose has not won, but he does not give up the title. The match continues, with Ambrose eventually getting the win at the 13:41 mark. Ambrose begins to berate the crowd on the mic, which gives time for Rollins to return and hit his Stomp on Ambrose, giving the crowd a good send off. Rollins then addresses the crowd, telling them that he was officially entering the Royal Rumble, and that he was coming for Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship!

Pop of the night was of course, John Cena, with Rollins a close second. The ladies got a great ovation as well. All in all, it was an outstanding night of professional wrestling in Columbus, Ga.