80s Wrestling Con Guests and Event Listing Announced

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 01/05/19

The first 80s Wrestling Con has been announced for later this year. The convention will be held on April 27 in Freehold, New Jersey. The details, attractions, and guests for the 80s Wrestling Con are available below:

Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Bruce “Brother Love” Prichard
Ricky Steamboat
Wendi Richter
Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika)
Koko B. Ware
The Nasty Boys (Knobbs & Saggs)
“Cowboy” Bob Orton
Ken Patera
Rocky Johnson
“Mr. USA” Tony Atlas
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
Paul Roma
Powers of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian)
Lanny Poffo

ULTIMATE 80’s WRESTLING AUCTION: This Auction will feature tons of old 80’s wrestling memorabilia including LJN figures, posters, magazines, programs, wrestling buddies, shirts, Coliseum Videos, and so much more. It will be the same style as a Chinese Auction/Tricky Tray. You purchase tickets for the auction and put your ticket(s) into the buckets of the items you want to win. If we pick your ticket- you win that item.

LUNCH WITH BRUCE PRICHARD: Everyone that purchases the 80’s Wrestling Fan Dream Experience VIP Package will be automatically entered for a chance to win lunch with Bruce Prichard. We will pick a lucky winner during the Con for a lunch that you will LOVE.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY OF 80’s WRESTLING Q&A PANEL: This special question and answer session will be presented by Megalopolis Toys and is FREE with admission into the Con. 80’s Wrestling was mainstream. It was Rock N’ Wrestling. The characters were all larger than life. The moments made will last forever- and now some of the biggest stars that made those moments will sit down and talk about them.

PILEDRIVER LIVE!: Koko B. Ware will be performing his hit song Piledriver live on stage at 80’s Wrestling Con.

GREG “THE HAMMER” VALENTINE FIGURE FOUR CONTEST: Did you always want to put your friend in a Figure Four? Now is your chance! Greg Valentine will be judging who does the best Figure Four. The winner will win a special photo of Greg Valentine giving them the Figure Four!