Vince Russo Critical of Podcasts Bashing Him - Bischoff Responds

Posted By James Walsh on 01/05/19

Former WWE and WCW booker Vince Russo posted a message on Twitter, slamming “wussies with podcasts” who trash talk him behind his back but don’t have the nerve to confront him face to face. His tweet includes photos of Jim Cornette, Eric Bischoff, and Bruce Prichard. All three men have wrestling podcasts of their own and have talked in depth for their hatred of Vince Russo; at least on the part of Cornette and Bischoff.

According to Russo, he’s not going to address them “going forward,” save for the tweet below. It reads: “Going Forward I’m no longer going to address Wussies w/Podcasts who talk !@#$%^ behind my back but never to my face-even when invited & welcomed. If u have something to say-say it to me. If you don’t-it’s because U have nothing dangling between your legs. Yeah-U-Mo, Larry & Curly.”

Bischoff later responded to Russo’s tweet, which you can see below. Bischoff stated: “Good humor. Speaking for myself, I’ve reduced you to a sniviling puddle of goo to your face, in front of your bosses, their attorney and peers. Come up w something new. I dare ya.”