Wrestlers React to Priscilla Kelly Doing a 'Tampon Spot' During a Wrestling Match

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 01/06/19

Priscilla Kelly was a competitor in the WWE Mae Young Classic this year, but she’s now getting attention for something she did last month at a Suburban Fight event where at one point during the match, she took what looked like a used tampon out of her wrestling tights and shoved it into her opponent’s mouth.

I’m seeing this post of a women’s match that got disgusting and I’m not gonna repost it Bc it’s seriously a disgrace. Why??? Whoever thought that was a spot that was gonna get a pop and was worth it….. NO. how about telling a story in the ring with your wrestling instead?
— Gail Kim-Irvine (@gailkimITSME) January 5, 2019

I would never censor anyone’s artistic creativity. To each their own. The telltale sign will be if it connects with an audience. If it finds an audience then can it really be considered wrong? If it doesn’t then it’ll die. You can’t stop change. Trying will only make you bitter.
— Joey Ryan (@JoeyRyanOnline) January 6, 2019

Dear @priscillakelly_
I get it
Its Mr.Socko female cousin
Whatever it takes to entertain
You my dear are HARDCORE
— Tommy Dreamer (@THETOMMYDREAMER) January 6, 2019

I wonder if it was a First Blood Match. 😁🤷🏻‍♂️
— Hurricane Helms (@ShaneHelmsCom) January 5, 2019

This stuff is the reason some people despise our industry. It’s got nothing to do with “taking life seriously” it’s about dignity and a personal pride. She obviously has none!
— Brian G. James (@WWERoadDogg) January 6, 2019

Would you say the same about Mae Young? Or is period blood somehow worse than placenta? Cause they showed that shit on TV. Honest question.
— Joey Ryan (@JoeyRyanOnline) January 6, 2019

Hey guys. Ya know, it's all fake.
21+ show with a bar. Can't take life so serious all the time.
Call me what you will… 🌹
— The Priscilla Kelly (@priscillakelly_) January 5, 2019

A penis is funny and awesome.
A vagina is disgusting and trashy. #Equality?
— The Priscilla Kelly (@priscillakelly_) January 6, 2019