STARDOM Results for 01/06/19

Posted By James Walsh on 01/06/19

STARDOM held a show in Osaka, Japan earlier this morning, featuring a main event of Hazuki vs. Starlight Kid and more. The results were, per PWInsider:

*They announced Natsuko Tora was scratched from the card and there will be changes in the line up.

*Jamie Hayter, Sadie Gibbs, and Bobbi Tyler beat Hanan, Rina, and Hina when Hayter pinned Hanan. The Brits were forced to team with each other (after Hayter turned on Hana Kimura and Bobbi Tyler to join Oedo Tai in Tokyo on 1/2) Hana Kimura confronted Hayter after the match and Hayter was beaten until Oedo Tai made the save.

*Kagetsu and Natsu Sumire vs Hana Kimura and Mary Apache went to a no contest when Jamie Hayter interfered and both sides brawled.

*Viper and AZM beat Jungle Kyona and Ruaka when AZM jumped off Viper with a stomp and Viper used a senton to pin Ruaka.

*Momo Wantanabe, Bea Priestley, Utami Hayashishita and Konami beat Saki Kashima, Tam Nakano, Natsumi, and Alex Gracia when Wantanabe pinned Gracia with the sunrise.

*Main event- High Speed champion Hazuki pinned Starlight Kid after a shooting star press. AZM came out after to challenge Hazuki for the next title shot.