Ric Flair Says You Will Never Find Someone Else Like Gene Okerlund

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 01/06/19

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair appeared on the latest edition of Busted Open Radio and spoke about Gene Okerlund, who sadly passed away last week. Below are some highlights:

Ric Flair on his friendship with Gene Okerlund: ďIíve been reluctant to talk to a lot of people because Iím not sure if thatís appropriate yetófor me to start talking about all the fun weíve had. Bubbaís known me forever, he knows that whatever I have done in my life, Iíve had fun. Letís just say Iíve had more fun on strictly a social level. We contributed to each otherís health issues, letís put it like that. But we had ó God ó so much fun. And not just fun, but quality time. And even when I wasnít with Gene, if he was at a Comic Con or a signing, or whatever, we just always got together. WrestleMania, the most important thing for me, aside from the stuff with my daughter as of recent, was Wendy and I finding Gene and enjoying each other socially. Tremendous relationship, great guy.Ē

Flair on Okerlund being the best announcer: ďItís not even arguable as to whether or not heís the best in-ring announcer. I donít mean like Jim Ross at calling the matches, but if a guy didnít have Ďit,í or if a guy got lost, or if the crowd wasnít reacting, Gene could save a promo. He could bring wit and humor to it, he could articulate, he was extremely intelligent and loved. If I knew I had a two minute or three minute interview, which back in the old days, we got that kind of time, I knew the show was mine. I didnít have to wrestle if I had three minutes in the ring with Gene Okerlund to have fun with the crowd or entertain them. I just canít say enough about him.Ē

Flair on how you will never find someone like Okerlund again: ďItís not a rap on anybody today, but youíre just not going to find someone like him. I just havenít seen anybody, even if we donít talk about the announcing or the roles people like that play enough. We used to focus on people like Gordon Solie, and Gene, and Jim Ross, and now itís because the role doesnít seem to be as important; And itís not because the guys arenít good, itís just that they arenít featured. Gene was a featured part of every show in my opinion.Ē

Flair on how entertaining Okerlund was: ďHeíll always be remembered, to me, as the most entertaining guy outside of the wrestlers themselves. Ever. In the history of the business, nobody even close.Ē