Nita Strauss Says She Thinks About Getting Into the Ring for WWE 'All the Time'

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 01/06/19

The Roman Show recently interviewed guitarist and musician Nita Strauss. Below are some highlights:

Nita Strauss on thinking about getting into the ring: “I think about [getting in the ring] all the time. We were in Orlando yesterday at the performance center. We had a show in Orlando and they were kind enough to invite Josh and I down to the performance center to check it out, and I was like, ‘Can I get in the ring?! Can I do something?’ And they were like ‘Well, the trainers aren’t here.’ You know, it was a Sunday and nobody was there to kinda coach us through stuff, but I think about it all the time. I have some ideas in my head for some guitar smashing angles, so my door is open and Josh’s hotline is open any time they’d like to book me for a spot. I’m all in.”

Strauss joking on facing Elias in a match involving guitars: “I’ll take that challenge any day, Elias! You heard it here first.”