Jim Cornette Reacts About as Well As You Would Expect to Priscilla Kelly's Tampon Spot

Posted By James Walsh on 01/06/19

As previously reported, former Mae Young Classic competitor Priscilla Kelly was on the receiving end of some controversy over the weekend. She received criticism for a spot in a match she was involved in at Suburban Fight. At one point in the match, she took what appeared to be a used tampon out of her tights and shoved them into her opponent’s mouth.

Some fans were curious on how Jim Cornette would react to the spot. He has now posted his reaction on his Twitter account earlier today, which you can see below, along with Priscilla Kelly responding to the controversy.

A penis is funny and awesome.

A vagina is disgusting and trashy. #Equality?

— The Priscilla Kelly (@priscillakelly_) January 6, 2019

People want my take so I'll give it direct to you–I expect nothing else from outlaw mud show "rasslers", male or female, cause none of you can work. But to defend your bullshit by starting "Well, it's all fake"? THAT'S why you, dick guy & others are killing wrestling. f*** you. https://t.co/XZmYhvLBAI

— Jim Cornette