AEW Reportedly Hasnít Signed A TV Deal, AEW Double or Nothing Likely For Las Vegas

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 01/08/19

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (via Wrestlezone), Dave Meltzer spoke more about todayís AEW Double or Nothing rally and said that a TV deal announcement was unlikely.

He said: ďI donít think its going to be announced. The last I checked there was no TV deal signed. There are negotiations going on, but I say this a million times, a lot of people have a lot of negotiations. When itís done itís done and weíll see. Itís far along enough that every one is confident of it, itís far enough along that the Khan family signed all these guys to big deals. I mean theyíre big deals and the key guys, I think The Young Bucks for sure, Cody, not everyone, very few, but those guys are under five-year contracts. I would be surprised if a TV deal is announced, I donít think itís done yet. I think that theyíre confident there will be a TV deal in some form, but itís the television business. Weíll see.Ē

Ė Finally, he also spoke about the Double or Nothing event itself, which he says will likely happen in Las Vegas. He said: ďAll In 2, Double or Nothing, they will make that announcement, Iím almost certain, this has been talked about, itís likely Las Vegas. Date and that will probably be announced. Thereís gonna most likely, if not for sure, be a Starrcast that Conrad Thompsonís gonna run in association and that will probably be announced as well.ď