Impact Wrestling Still Not Showing on Guides for Pursuit Debut

Posted By James Walsh on 01/09/19

Impact Wrestling's debut on the Pursuit channel is not et reflecting on the DirecTV guide where you can program the show to watch and DVR record.

Many have messaged us asking about where to find the station. The station is on many providers but may be a part of the Sports and Outdoors Pack, Tier, or however your provider phrases it. The best way to find out is simply to surf through your cable or satellite box and see if you see it. If you do not, you can contact your provider and see if they have it available at all for you. And, if it is not an option, remember, Impact is streaming their show LIVE on Twitch as it airs on Pursuit. So, that is an option.

Many may find it easier to find the station if they search for Impact on their box. However, right now, nothing would come up. So, that issue must be rectified quickly to help the company during this transition.