Matt Jackson Got Emotional During AEWW Rally

Posted By James Walsh on 01/09/19

Earlier today, Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) shared a tweet of a quote from a 2016 VICE article. The article looks back at when the Bucks left TNA in 2011. You can check out the emotional story that led Jackson and the Bucks to where they are today below. Matt Jackson recalls reflecting on this moment yesterday during the AEW Double or Nothing rally.

“To this day, Matt remembers the trip home to California after he and Nick quit the company. Matt’s wife, Dana, was six months pregnant at the time, and they were on the verge of getting kicked out of their apartment. It was their rock bottom as pro wrestlers, but it was also the point at which they realized they needed to find another way if they were going to make it.

Matt recalled a specific layover when, famished, he ducked into an airport Popeye’s to pick up lunch, only to have his credit card declined. He needed Nick to pick up the tab on his $1.99 chicken biscuit sandwich.

“I almost broke down in the airport,” Matt says. “That was almost a moment for me: I’ve got to do something. I’ve either got to get a job or make this wrestling thing work. I always have that fear in my head. I can’t go back to those days of being a poor, starving artist. I want to succeed. That’s what drove me to be the guy I am now. That moment.”