Brandi Rhodes Clarifies "Equal Pay for Equal Work" Remark from the Rally

Posted By James Walsh on 01/09/19

In a post on her Twitter account, AEW’s Brandi Rhodes clarified remarks about wrestler pay from yesterday’s AEW Double or Nothing Rally and press conference on the planned women’s division in AEW. As previously reported for the rally, Rhodes stated, “Men and women will receive ‘equal pay for equal work.’” She added that “there will be no sliding scale” with regards to payouts.

This became a major topic of discussion online after the rally, with fans debating what Rhodes meant by her statements. You can check out her tweet and read her response below. Brandi Rhodes clarified that she didn’t mean everyone will be paid exactly the same salary “regardless of their position.”

“Equal pay means equal opportunity regardless of sex. It does not mean that everyone will be paid the exact same salary regardless of their position. It means the gender pay gap does not apply. An entry-level woman won’t make less than an entry-level man because of her gender.”