Charlotte Flair Says Becky Lynch is Stealing from her Dad

Posted By James Walsh on 01/09/19

Planeta Wrestling recently interviewed former WWE women’s champion Charlotte Flair. Charlotte talked about Becky Lynch claiming she is “copying” her and also discussed facing Rousey at Survivor Series. Below are some highlights and some audio for the interview (transcript via

Charlotte Flair on replacing Becky Lynch against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series: “It wasn’t the build up or the scenario that I had envisioned when I first found out that I was gonna replace Becky. Ronda has been someone I’ve looked up to for years now, and tried to model my career after. So when I found this out, I couldn’t second guess what was gonna happen. I knew that this is how it was supposed to be. And when I faced her, I wanted to give her my very best, the very best of what it takes to be a WWE superstar because she’s new, and I think I did just that.”

Charlotte Flair on Lynch calling herself The Man and copying her father: “Becky tries to deflect the situation pretending that I’m the one copying her. When in reality, she’s the one, like you said, copying my dad’s catch phrase!”