Road Warrior Animal Wants To Be Involved With AEW

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 01/11/19

In the latest episode of his What A Rush podcast, Road Warrior Animal said that he wants to be a part of AEW, believing that he could help build the new promotionís tag team division. Here are highlights:

On how AEW will be different: ďThatís another show that, Cody being a part of ALL IN, they asked me to be on in the spring,Ē Animal said. ďAnd I donít know if thatís going to be with the NWA or thatís going to be with ELITE, but either way, Iíll be excited to do that show, too. Itís great to see a company opening thatís going back to basics and doing whatís right in pro wrestling. Giving the fans what they expect to see, not having to do a big ceremonial, ĎWeíll give you what you want to see!í and then do what we want to do anyway. This is really about what the fans need to see.Ē

On getting involved: ďThey got a great product and I think Iíd help them enhance their product with my wrestling knowledge in the tag team industry especially, and I think I could be a good addition other than anything else.Ē