Booker T Does Not See Dean Ambrose Going to AEW

Posted By James Walsh on 02/04/19

Booker T discussed Dean Ambrose’ impending departure from WWE during his latest podcast. The WWE Hall of Famer talked about the news confirmed by WWE last week that Ambrose will be leaving when his contract expires in April. You can listen to the audo below and read some highlights per Wrestling Inc:

On whether Ambrose will go to AEW: “I do not see Dean Ambrose leaving WWE to go somewhere else. I’m sure [AEW] is gonna offer him a deal. When I left WWE, TNA offered me a deal. It was a sweet deal, ya sit at home the majority of the year. Just show up every now and then and make some money. That was a sweet deal for me, that was like a vacation. I don’t think a new company like AEW is looking for guys to get that Roger Clemens treatment where you ain’t gotta practice, you just gotta show up and throw fastballs on game day.”

On Ambrose taking time off: “I think Dean Ambrose really needs some time off. This job can become very, very stressful. You can become very, very depressed doing this job. It can definitely take you on a rollercoaster ride because, a lot of times, – he’s lucky, Dean Ambrose is lucky that he’s married to someone in the business. I know that’s one of the reasons that I was willing to walk away from this company that I love so much. I was willing to walk away from it because when Sharmell and I got married, being on the road was no fun at all. And then when she came on the road with me, as King Booker, it relieved a lot of that pressure I was under.”

On Ambrose’s departure: “This can be the best job in the world, being a WWE superstar, but it can be the hardest job in the world at the same time. So I say, Dean Ambrose, if it’s for you to take a step back – And the thing is, he’s doing it at the best time, too. Let me make that clear to everybody out there, Dean Ambrose would be stepping away at the best time that he possibly could: after WrestleMania. ‘Cause that’s a big check!”