The Rock Explains the Reason Major Studios Did Not Back the Biopic

Posted By James Walsh on 02/06/19

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Rock spoke about why most major Hollywood studios didn’t want to release the upcoming Paige biopic Fighting with My Family, which will be distributed by MGM on February 14. Here are highlights:

On the lack of interest from studios: “We wanted a studio to buy into it, and no one did. We got passed on everywhere. It was a small British comedy about a crazy wrestling family that wasn’t famous.”

On pleasing fans of all types: “The wrestling fans floated out of the theaters. And the nonwrestling fans, the ones who have a bit more heightened taste in terms of their movies, they were just pleasantly surprised.”

On his John Henry movie for Netflix: “A lot of cultures have their own version, male and female, of John Henry. We’ll tell the John Henry story, then we’re creating this universe around him of all these folklore characters from around the world.”