Booker T Critical of AEW Signing SCU Members

Posted By James Walsh on 02/07/19

In the latest episode of his Heated Conversations podcast, Booker T said that he believed signing names like Christopher Daniels and Kazarian was a mistake for AEW since they were most remembered for their stints in TNA.

He said: ďMe personally, If Iím gonna have some veterans around, theyíre gonna be in the production room. They ainít gonna be on the roster, thatís just my opinion. Itís just like [my] Reality of Wrestling [School], I need you to look at this thing differently, I need you to look at it fresh, I need you to look at it from a perspective that has never been seen before. And when I see a guy like Kazarian, when I see a guy like Daniels, I see TNA. Itís just a constant reminder. All the rest of these other names Ė Fenix Ė and those guys, Iíve never heard of these guys before, man, I wanna check this guy. I wanna see what heís got. When you say Christopher Daniels, I go, oh, I know what he got. Iíve seen him do the moonsaults a couple times. Iíve seen Kazarian. Chris Jericho, brings star power. Chris Jericho is like Mick Jagger, you know what Iím saying? When Mick Jagger walk in, man you donít ask how old is this guy, you go, man thatís Mick Jagger! Man I gotta get an autograph, do you think I could get a picture with him?! You know what I mean? Thatís what you think when Mick Jagger walk in and thatís what Chris Jericho brings to the table. Now, not saying that peopleís eyebrows donít raise up when Daniels and Kazarian walk in, but, not like Chris Jericho.ď