Mickie James Not a Fan of Becky Lynch's "The Man" Name

Posted By James Walsh on 02/07/19

In an interview with WSVN-TV Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet (via Wrestling Inc), Mickie James spoke about her recent Twitter issues on Becky Lynch, her thoughts on Lynchís ďThe ManĒ nickname and more. Here are highlights:

On her Twitter feud with Becky Lynch: ďRelax folks, itís Twitter. Come on! I mean itís cool, sheís the man. Thatís cool. And Iím the woman. I said it there and Iíll say it again, women have always been the dominant sex. So if you want to do this whole ĎIím the maní thing which I think went out in 2010, if you want to bring that back, thatís cool. But Iím a woman, Iím a grown ass woman, you know what I mean? And Iím proud of it. I love Becky though, I do respect her. I think sheís fantastic, she amazingly talented. Iím just better.Ē

On her role in the womenís evolution: ďThere was a difference between the girls who went out and did gravy bowl matches and granted we were all asked to do some of that stuff but I think even still, the matches that I would have with Beth Phoenix or Trish Stratus they were held at different standards. I donít think there was ever at any time when the boys in the locker room, at least when I went out there, would say this isnít going to be a good match. I think they knew because I trained with all guys. There werenít a whole lot of girls working the independent circuit when I started. There were only a handful of really good girls that you could go out there and work with. So I had to work with most of the guys and train with most of the guys so I learned to work like one of the guys. I didnít want to be good for a girl, I wanted to be as good if not better than all the guys.Ē