Sean Waltman Explains Why Undertaker Removed his WWE Ties on Social Media

Posted By James Walsh on 02/07/19

On Undertaker removing WWE associations from his social media: ďIf anyone ever followed Shawn Michaels on social media before he took the job back at the Performance Center it was a similar situation. Shawn was taking outside appearances; I did appearances with him. For independent wrestling shows, the catch was it has to be separate, the appearance has to be separate, itís not part of the wrestling show. So, I am pretty sure thatís what itís going to be for Taker too.Ē

On Taker doing non-WWE appearances: ďLetís say for instance, somebody that brings in people like that in, as far as wrestling promotions that have a good name. Maryland Championship Wrestling, I did appearances; Shawn [Michaels], Scott [Hall], Kevin [Nash] and I did appearances together for them and they kept it separate it was like a little fan fest separate. In that way, if it just so happens that you end up at an appearance connected to an independent promotion that might be less up to snuff product-wise. Then youíre not seen as endorsing this show. Youíre in and out before the show even starts.Ē