Brandi Rhodes Talks About How Equal Gender Pay Will Work In AEW

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 02/09/19

At the Double or Nothing Ticket Announcement Party, Brandi Rhodes spoke about the plan for equal pay between the genders in AEW will work, including establishing a base pay for the male and female wrestlers. Here are highlights:

On the base pay for incoming talent: ďObviously Iím under NDAs so I canít tell you how much people make. So, if youíre someone coming straight from the indies, maybe you havenít been on television for a while Ė if youíre male or female, youíre starting at the same spot. If youíre someone who has been on tv for a while and maybe youíve been a champion at a companyÖ thereís a lot of players who look the same whether theyíre male or female. So, they start at the same spot.Ē

On how some companies treat male and female talent: ďAt places Iíve worked before, no matter what, you start at this [set level of pay] or this is your weekly or your per show. But then if you talk to a man, the per show is completely different and they may be a man whoís never been on tv before. Iíve worked for a company where I had a pay that was okay, but it was way below pays of people who had never been on tv before. Iíve been in this industry for a long time and worked for some of the top companies, so why is that? So thatís something we really didnít want to do. Weíre achieving that and itís going really good right now. Everybody seems to be really happy so weíre gonna keep going.Ē