Tessa Blanchard Vacates Crash Women's Title

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 02/10/19

The Crash had a show on 2/9/19 in Tijuana, Mexico. They announced Tessa Blanchard now has an exclusive contract with another company so she [Tessa Blanchard] had to vacate The Crash Womenís Title. The already scheduled womenís 4-way match on the show was then made into an impromptu title match for the vacant title.

Lady Flamer won the match over Christi Jaynes, Miranda Alize, and Reina Isis by pinning Alize to become the new Crash Womenís Champion.

DamiŠn 666 won the violent and bloody father vs. son steel cage main event over Bestia 666 by escaping the cage. Bestia did a dive off the top of the cage but DamiŠn moved out of the way and Bestia landed on a table and several other objects below. They used trash cans, barb wire boards, and a taser as some of the weapons in the match.

After the match, Trauma 1 and Trauma 2 entered the cage and attacked an already beaten down Bestia 666. Rebellion Amarilla ran in and made the save. They said they will have a new member joining them soon. Sabuís picture was then shown on the big screen.

Their next show is 3/2 with Jeff Cobb, Michael Elgin, Sabu, and Micro Man coming in.