Brock Lesnar Planning to Use AEW as Leverage for Bigger WWE Contract Offer?

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 02/11/19

According to a report by Ringside News, WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar might utilize AEW as a negotiating tactic for his next contract. Per the report, Lesnar might eventually talk about a deal with AEW. However, those potential negotiations would be used as an apparent negotiating tactic to leverage against WWE.

The basic conclusion is that the talks would be made public, so WWE would give him an even bigger offer to stay under their banner. Lesnar reportedly used similar tactics in the past in his negotiations with UFC and WWE.

The report doesnít offer much in the way of details or sources on how this would work, or when Lesnarís current deal is slated to expire. As always, take the news for what itís worth with a grain of salt.

Brock Lesnar currently holds the WWE Universal Championship. Heís slated to defend his title later this April at WrestleMania 35 against Seth Rollins.