Honky Tonk Man Deserves His WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Posted By James Walsh on 02/27/19

Saw a number of angry tweets on social media about the Honky Tonk Man "not deserving" the Hall of Fame induction. Wow, OK. Here goes.

Honky Tonk Man certainly is one of the most memorable personas in wrestling history. I also think he kept himself relevant with changing technology despite not working full time for a major promotion in 25 years. With the advent of the Internet, he forged feuds with legends like "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Jake "The Snake" Roberts laced with death threats and inside insults. Again, even without working for

Another positive is Honky was also one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of All Time. Defeating Ricky Steamboat shortly after WrestleMania III, Honky would hold the belt for over a year before dropping it to the Ultimate Warrior at Summerslam '88.

The negatives about Honky Tonk Man?

He's a shyster. The stuff he pulled with the Patriot gimmick was absurd. He "owns it" and says Del Wilkes isn't the real Patriot and that Tom Brand is... That's just silly.

His other negative was his WCW run. Here's why. Honky joined WCW in 1994 on the back of Hulk Hogan going there and the company starting to feature large name stars. Honky was put on the lower middle card as TV Champion to work with Marc Mero as Johnny B. Badd. Honky understood his contract to mean he never had to lose. So, naturally, if you NEVER HAVE TO LOSE, you win a championship belt to be champion for all of space and time. Yes? Of course not. At a WCW PPV, I think it was Halloween Havoc, Honky took his ball and went home instead of putting over the younger talent who would have benefited from a win over an established name like Honky. Honky was then fired, rightfully so, for his actions.

Ultimately, the Honky Tonk Man worked Calgary, Memphis, and many other territories shinning as a likable, well rounded performer. Hs persona was bigger than his in ring talent. That shined through in WWE and WCW. And, in the end, much like Austin Aries, his belief that he is the smartest guy in the room in every single room he's in hindered his career immensely. But, through all of that negative stuff, I will tell you right now that Honky absolutely deserves a Hall of Fame nod. If Trish Stratus' cup of coffee gets her in with a "storybook ending", he should already be in!