Inter-Gender Wrestling - It isn't For Everyone

Posted By James Walsh on 02/27/19

It may surprise people to hear but I support inter-gender wrestling. I support it in the same way that I support the concept that a smaller wrestler could compete against a much larger wrestler in a competitive way as wrestling does not have weight classes as the professional level. Therefore, Rey Mysterio versus Kevin Nash was able to happen and be a thing and, truthfully, was one of my favorite big guy versus little guy matches in history. No way would we ever have seen a discrepancy so large be allowed in any legitimate combat sport. But, no one blinked an eye. Why? It is wrestling!

Conversely, I also think the wishes of the male wrestlers need to be considered also. When I was in high school, I went through a phase of wanting to be very thin. My grandmother implied I had put on weight, I had, and in response I basically starved myself down to 94 pounds and I was the height I am now. As a result, I was asked to wrestle a girl who was my weight. Here's the problem... I kind of liked that girl. And, the erotic nature of wrestling another guy never occurs to you because you're involved in a combat sport. But, when you are asked to wrestle a female you have imagined on all 4's previously and she is ready to assume said position for the start of our match... Lets just say there are several reasons, not the least of which is sporting a woody, that I requested a different opponent.

Eli Drake not wanting to take part in an inter-gender match with Tessa Blanchard is fine. I expect that to be exploited as a work and the match to happen. But, if he legitimately feels that his persona and the way he carries himself does not lend itself to wrestling a female, he should not face her. That is not to say that Tessa doesn't deserve to wrestle a top star like Eli - She does. She's one of the best wrestlers in the world male or female and I do mean that. But, so is Eli. So, figure it out backstage.

I do not think anyone believed Miss Elizabeth could take on the Honky Tonk Man, Ric Flair, Badnews Brown, or Jake Roberts in a fight. Therefore, her being the damsel in distress made sense especially for the time. But, if a female of today the likes of Tessa or Jordynne Grace were put in that role, I'd expect them to at worst fire back and be physical with the larger male competitor. Because, that is believable!

As Killer Kross told me in a recent interview, wrestling is a performance art. People have to be conditioned to pallet male on female violence. But, if they can, I see no reason for women to be deprived the opportunity of wrestling men. And, doing so will only legitimize female wrestling and wrestlers that much more.