THE RANT: Torrie Wilson Is Not Worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame

Posted By James Walsh on 03/04/19

I was asked how I feel about Torrie Wilson going into the WWE Hall of Fame. I think my criticism of her lackluster career has foreshadowed my view. But, here goes.

Torrie Wilson is the cookie cutter hot chick. Aside from perhaps Gorgeous George, she was the most super model like WWE Diva of all time... Even more than Trish Stratus before she became a wrestler. and got more of that build. So, traditionally, she is probably the hottest woman ever in wrestling.

Here's my problem - I don't find her particularly hot. I also wasn't a Trish kind of guy. Yes, I'm heterosexual. But, I never really thought Barbie was an ideal mate nor did I lust over those that have that look. I'm more of a Tom-boy liking kind of guy. Girly, female, sure. But, a little less plastic? I mean, some plastic is OK... LOL But, you know what I am saying.

So, right away, her greatest asset is lost upon me as I admit she was red hot but not in the way I like.

Lets review her career.

Torrie Wilson was brought in by Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash in the nWo as a paid hooker to lure David Flair away from his father Ric. They really wanted a green worker without a persona in the nWo bad enough to buy him a live in hooker. WCW money must have been stupid good.

From there, she became the valet of the filthy Animals when she was dating Billy Kidman. By the way, Kidman brought us the SHooting Star Press and he's not in the Hall of Fame. I guess he needed bigger boobs.

Torrie was let go by WCW in early 2001 when Eric Bischoff and Fusient Media basically rid the company of female talent except Ernest Miller's girlfriend Ms. Jones. Remember her? We do. But, not many others do. Hey, Hall of Fame 2020?

In WWE, she was paired with multiple people... And, it never worked. Raven told a story of having her outside the ring where she wa supposed to do a spot while they were running around the ring and she missed her qu 4 times. He went backstage and said he couldn't f***ing work with her because she's an idiot. Oh, Raven isn't in the Hall of Fame by the way. But, Torrie Wilson is.

Other than Playboy and adopting Puppies from Jerry Lawler, I can't really name a damn thing Torrie did in WWE that was noteworthy.

In 2008, Torrie was a paid guest for Dawn Marie's Wrestlers Rescue. She took a hefty pay off to work for the "non profit". Isn't that big hearted?

Now, Torie is a fitness model going from high dollar athlete to billionaire business men living the good life on the becah in California.

What a run!

Look, Torrie did our show n 2008 and was very sweet. I like her as a person. She went through stuff with her heart that hit close to hime and she has an open mind in her social media posts which is rare for California beach dwellers with money. I genuinely don't dislike her as a peson. In fact, I really like her. But, can you HONESTLY tell me she belongs in the Hall of Fame? Hell no, you can't. Not before Elizabeth, Missy Hyatt, Leilani Kai, Velvet McIntyre, Bull Nakako, and a myriad of others go in first.

Why is she going in? She still looks great and they can show her hot pictorials to draw in the shrinking male audience. Plus, she's alive and hasn't done porn. So, there's that too.