THE RANT: Why WWE Does Not Want Inter-Gender Wrestling

Posted By James Walsh on 03/09/19

Triple H was asked about inte-gender wrestling and turned the question around to be that women don't "need a man in the ring." Very tricky wording by a guy who is best known for his conniving abilities. But, for those not easily swayed by pretty words being twisted, allow me to explain.

Inter-gender wrestling is difficult to pallet for mass consumption. In other words, not everyone would be on board with seeing a man do the things he does in the ring with another man to a woman. I don't just mean a violent attack with a steel chair or a spot through a table - We've seen that from time to time in WWE but not regularly. A section of the audience might not be ready to pallet seeing a large man punch an athletic woman in the mouth and accept that as a regular thing.

And those people who can't pallet it likely are the stock holders whom decide the content of the show even if they aren't given a creative credit.

Bottom line? The reason you won't see a woman versus a man regularly in WWE is because it still looks unnatural. And, unti we are really at that stage in society, and we're closer than we used to be, to accept this, it won't happen.

Especially if the stock dives if they do it.

But, kudos to Triple H for wording it like women don't need men to get over. Slick trick by the man who learned from Slick Ric. Of course, had Flair said it, no one woould be able to transcribe it.