Roman Reigns Credits Fan Support for Helping with Cancer Fight

Posted By James Walsh on 03/13/19

In an interview with CBS Sports, Roman Reigns spoke about his battle with leukemia and how the support of the fans helped him through his anxiety and fear as he fought the disease. Here are highlights:

On the support of fans: ďIt was like a huge redeeming quality on our society to me where it was like, ĎNo matter what really goes down, we have your back.í All entertainment and storyline aside, they all got behind me. Everybody put their arms around me and just made me feel like everything was going to be OK. At a point where I was extremely scared and extremely insecure about everything, our fans and the WWE universe were able to kind of settle me down and make me know that everything is going to be alright. [It was like,] ĎThere is a lot of people backing you and regardless of our opinion and what we think, we are all pulling for you and hoping for the best.í When I got that kind of outreach, I felt like I could literally handle anything at that point.Ē

On revealing a little of his true self: ďThatís the kind of weird territory Iím in. I took the mask off of Joe and I introduced him to the whole world. The weird place that Iím in is Iíve actually been able to separate who I am in real life from the Roman character. Iíve always been pleased the way I have been able to maintain my reality from what I do and create but life happens. This is not an ideal situation. I never wanted to have to reveal this type of information or relinquish the goals that I worked for. But the fact is, it is what it is and every fact happens for a reason.Ē

On what the experience has taught him: ďIt gives you such important perspective on things and for me itís that life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed. I donít want to just stack up too much as far as my professional goals. Now I want to start checking off more personal goals ó the relationships, the personal impact I have on the different people I meet and am involved with; just taking the time to really enjoy the second half of my career. If I have two, three, four, five, six years left I just want to put everything I have into it because regardless of whether you are in perfect health, your body canít wrestle itís whole existence. It just is what it is. Itís a rough life, itís a rough job and career. So I just want to enjoy the last few years that I have and be able to do it at a high level.Ē