Why Vince McMahon COntinues Saudi Arabian Relationship Despite American Backlash

Posted By James Walsh on 03/13/19

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about Vince McMahon’s possible rationale for continuing to work with the Saudi Arabian government in light of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This comes after news that UFC’s parent company Endeavor cut ties with the Saudi government and returned a $400 million investment. This led to questions about why WWE wouldn’t do the same thing, instead of scheduling more shows there this year.

When asked if there’s a possibility that WWE rethinks their own deal, Meltzer said that there wasn’t. He did note that while WWE likely wouldn’t stop working with Saudi Arabia, they are not the only company that has not backed out, noting that it’s “corporate choice.”

He said: “WWE did lose a lot of subscribers from this. They did. But at the same time it’s like, whatever they lost, it’s not costing them $40 million. It’s a small amount. It’s a couple million, but it’s not $40 million. For them it’s like, it’s an economic decision. I think that for Endeavor, it was a moral decision. WWE doesn’t make moral decisions. Even their moral decisions that appear are really economic decisions dressed up as moral decisions.”

When it comes to Vince McMahon himself, Meltzer said that Vince is “used to this little world that he controls” so “he thinks he’s God.”

He added: “For Vince it’s like, ‘how dare this real world interfere with my money?’ I don’t deserve this. I deserve that money.’ I think that’s the difference between them and the other attitude which is, ‘the real world got in the way, that’s the cost of doing business.’ With Vince it’s like, ‘It’s not fair to me because I didn’t do anything wrong, so I should be able to get the money.’”

The conversation then turned to WWE’s charity work. Meltzer said that while wrestlers like John Cena and Roman Reigns are likely sincere in their efforts, he recounted a time he interviewed Vince McMahon in 1991. McMahon was angry after getting negative publicity for not having steroid testing and he said, “You just watch all this charity work that we’re gonna be doing.” Meltzer said the charity was in response to the negative publicity and to make the company look good.

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