Mike Kanellis Says Itís Mariaís Choice To Post Revealing Pictures Of Herself Online

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 03/14/19

In a post on Twitter, Mike Kanellis was forced to respond to men who seemed to think he should have an issue with his wife Maria posting revealing photos of herself online. Maria recently posted several photos of herself to Instagram, and due to the amount of comments he was getting, Mike had to post a message to Twitter.

He wrote: ďItís 2019, and Iím not sure why I still need to address this, but I will. Whenever my wife posts photos on her social media, I get flooded with comments from men, and I use that term loosely, telling me how I feel or should feel about her posting certain photos. Let me clarify, my wifeís body is hers. Her decisions and choices are hers. I donít, nor would I ever, tell her what to do, say or post. My wife is a beautiful, smart, intelligent woman and if she wants to show off her gorgeous body, then I will be cheering her on the whole way. Also 99% of the time, Iím the one taking the picture. So please stop telling me how I feel or should feel.Ē