Roman Reigns Discusses Bringing More of His Actual Personality to His Character in WWE

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 03/14/19

The Sports Illustrated Media Podcast and Jimmy Traina recently interviewed WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, who discussed tweaking and changing his character to bring more of his personality in real life to his character in WWE. Below are some highlights from Sports Illustrated and the audio from the podcast.

Roman Reigns on wanting to tweak his character in WWE to shore more of himself: I honestly think last week, that was one of my goals. I was like, OK, I knew the first week was gonna be crazy emotional, but I dont wanna be the guy who comes out there and everybody gets semi-sad or gets super heavy all the time. I want people to have fun. I want to create escapism. Its like a mini vacation [for the fans] on their couch. Lets get into these storylines. Lets take all this positive sensitivity being sent to me and shift it and send it to people in need. Thats where Im at now, shifting all this positive energy from me to the people in need.

Roman Reigns on how his promo last week featured more of himself as Joe Anoai: But also with the storylines and character, because we have introduced Joe, especially last week, I felt like there was a lot of Joe within the promo of Segment One. Even with the interaction with Seth [Rollins], I just feel like with me integrating the characters and who I am in real life and who I am on stage, for me to kind of mix them, it allows me to laugh at Roman a little bit and have a little more fun and be a little more loose as opposed to the stoic brawler. If you know me in real life, Im kinda like my cousins [The Usos], Im a bit of a clown, I act up, we goof off a lot. Were silly. Were big kids. Were always goofing around, trying to laugh. If I can add that in the next couple of years, those layers of being chilled out, little more comedy, a few different emotions, I think that would be pretty neat.