Joey Janela Challenges nZo to a Shoot Fight

Posted By Caroline Walsh on 04/13/19

Joey Janela isnít happy with nZo (aka former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore), and he challenged him to a shoot fight at the next Bloodsport event. You can check out his tweet challenging nZo below.

Joey Janela wrote:

Just saying this, straight up if @real1 wants some buzz, he can come shoot with me next year at @GCWrestling_ Bloodsport Iíll do 4-6 months of whatever MMA Training Barnett Recommends so I donít make a fool out of his art, the way NZO makes a joke out of the wrestling businessÖ
ó Bad Boy Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) April 12, 2019

Bless you
ó Brody King (@Brodyxking) April 12, 2019